Turnstiles - Celtikrea - photo 6
Turnstiles - Celtikrea - photo 7

Rotating Stand

Turnstiles - Celtikrea - photo 8 Classics multi products, making possible to combine a varied presentation (necklace+bracelets on cable clips+ purses... Every kind of combinations are possible.. within the bounds of good taste)
Turnstiles - Celtikrea - photo 9 Commercial Characteristics
  • Secured (antitheft device), magnetic blocker
  • Adjustable
  • Very light
  • 4 to 5 trays of 16 spindles 
  • Mobile
  • Not bulky
Turnstiles - Celtikrea - photo 10Technics characteristics 

Rotating stand in metal (Brazilian, ribbons, ankle bracelet)
Weight: 19kg (Heavy foot) 8kg (Light foot)
Diameter: 53cm H: 1m90

Turnstiles - Celtikrea - photo 11

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