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Purchase the stock you desire in order to guarantee the supply of goods you want.

Each year, we will take time in the autumn to visit you in order to offer our new collection and to remove the models that you wish to renew (customisation possible).

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The strongest offer of our company
Chosen by the great majority of our customers

Our Plans - Celtikrea - photo 11 Benefits
  • The formula that generates the most turnover ... and, of course, the most profit.
  • The best models are chosen by you, depending on your space.
  • The display remains 100% stocked and therefore attractive thanks to a constant restocking of items.
  •  No excess stock, no bad purchasing choices which gradually take over your display unit.
  • A net margin in direct payment ... the benefits here is not in the stock !!!
  • No implementation costs, you only pay for the products you sold (one to two annual invoices) = 0 risk.
  • We take care of everything! Regular visits by our team (3 times a year, or more if necessary) = you just have to serve your customers.
  • No commitment: Not satisfied ? Immediate recovery of the deposit.

A considerable gain in turnover for you and for us; it is therefore a win-win. For this, we take ALL the commercial risk and finance all the logistics and follow-up.

Our Plans - Celtikrea - photo 12 YOUR GUARANTEE of profitability is our investment in time and in goods.
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Offer at unbeatable prices.

A free display (old model) furnished by us with + or - 1450 bracelets.

Ask for our prices and conditions.

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Our creations

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