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Who are We?

Founded in 1999 in Saint Malo, previously called Légendes d’Ailleurs, Celtikréa has gradually widened its regional borders and its assortment to now offer the most varied and popular collections of fanciful bracelets in Europe.

Very quickly the choice of a tube presentation became obvious, allowing us to increase our sales significantly.

To facilitate their work, our customers have the possibility of choosing our deposit-sale formula: we provide you with the displays of your choice that we replenish regularly with guaranteed success. Only the goods which are sold will be invoiced to you, therefore you do not commit any money initially.

With refinement written in our DNA, we have imagined completely new, more practical, more compact innovative displays with a neat aesthetic. It is with pride that in early 2021 we established our brand new models which are made in France for a better ecological footprint.

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Our Designers

Marie Donati, jewelry designer and creator. Curator of jewelry at Agatha Paris for 13 years, she has managed our collections since 2011.

Guy Ravaillaut, designer born and raised in Brittany. Inventor of our new steel presentation stands, Guy received his diploma from the Ecole Boulle and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure of Decorative Arts.

New Models registered by Fidealis

Every year, we register more than 100 new models.

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Depending on the partnership level chosen, we visit our partners a minimum of once per year and up to ten times per year.

This service, unique in the industry, maximises profit margins for our clients.

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European Standards

Our jewelry is tested independently against European standards by FILAB laboratory (Dijon, France). ATTENTION: There is an enormous amount of non-conforming and dangerous fantasy jewelry on the market.

Secure Presentation Stands

We create presentation stands that are safe for the general public; safe for the business owner due to our anti-theft system; location-specific whether mounted on a wall; freestanding outside or otherwise. Our stands can also be personalised to your business' identity.

Our Plans

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Purchase the stock you desire in order to guarantee the supply of goods you want.

Each year we will offer you a choice of new collections.

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A strong point of our company.

We receive praise from the great majority of our clientele.

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The Solution Pack

An offer at an unbeatable price

Ask for our prices and conditions

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